"How the Project begin"

On this page, we provide some insight into how the project “Maximilian Reinelt Zentrum” came into being.

Our Mission

Active, lively communication, close cooperation and joint coordination will ensure that this project in Togo will be a success! A thorough planning effort and lengthy preparations are promising foundations that will contribute to the success of the project.

To honour the memory of the medical doctor and Olympian Maximilian Reinelt and in recognition of his achievements, we have an obligation to reach our goal through a joint effort, performed with energy and in harmony – just like in a rowing eight!


Georg Müller

Our Vision

Our health is something we rarely think about while we still have it, yet as soon as we lose it we want to regain it immediately! (Georg Müller)

The 2020/2021 pandemic reveals the kinds of efforts that will be needed worldwide to regain what has been lost. Health, and hence health policy, rests on three pillars:

Sports - Education - Medical Care

These three pillars are the essential prerequisites for preserving the physical and mental health in our societies. The Maximilian Reinelt Zentrum will be focusing on the rowing sport, on education and on medical care in order to achieve a real improvement in the provision of health care services for the people of Togo, in a project that can serve as a model for Africa and Europe alike.

We are grateful that the Mayor of Togokomé gifted us with a suitable site on the shores of Lake Togo in 2018. Furthermore, we are appreciative of what is referred to as the “local capacity” that is already in place here. In addition, the cooperation agreement under the auspices of the Minister of Sport between the German and Togolese Rowing Federations (April 2017) has opened the doors for us politically as well.

How the Maximilian Reinelt Zentrum came into being

(supported by Projekt Westafrika e.V. - DRV -

Africa Green Tec - Humedica International)


Invitation from the President of Togo

In 2009, responding to an invitation from the President of Togo Faure Gasingbé, the initiator of the centre (Dr Georg Müller) visited Togo with a delegation from the “Verein für Völkerverständigung Berlin” (an association for international understanding and cooperation). Due to the large number of children and youngsters in Togo without sufficient educational opportunities, with few sports facilities and inadequate medical care, a network of organisations, NGOs and associations is emerging to help in the sustainable development of this country's future.*



Cooperation agreement with the Togolese Ministry of Sport

The Rowing Association of Togo and German Rowing Association (DRV) establish contact with the association “Projekt Westafrika”. First concrete talks and planning together with the CEO of “Africa Green Tec” Thorsten Schreiber regarding the energy supply using solar containers and technical equipment for telemedicine (Africa – Europe)



Gift of a suitable site

Gift of a suitable site on Lake Togo by the Mayor of the municipality of Togokomé to the DRV. DRV participates in the “Tausend Möglichkeiten für Afrika (a thousand opportunities for Africa") campaign sponsored by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. Initial financial support from the association “Tour der Hoffnung für krebskranke Kinder” e.V. (tour of hope for children suffering from cancer) for treatment of children with oncological diseases. Shipment of three racing boats with equipment (donated by Mark Krömer - Ruderwerkstatt Wetzlar) to Togokomé/Togo.



2021 Laying of the foundation stone

2021 Laying of the foundation stone for the Maximilian Reinelt Zentrum with Helmut Reinelt and the Mayor of Lome.


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Where we support

There are several ways to help. We try to do this in a variety of ways in order to achieve sustainable added value for the local population.
promotion of sport
promotion of sport
construction of the boat shed
local ambulance
for the people
promote long term
accsess / availability

Keep up to date!

Please drop in on our website from time to time to find out the latest news about our work.


Giving hope, creating equality, making a difference together!

We are doing all we can. Within the scope of Lomé, the rowing sport, we provide an opportunity for enjoyment, create a positive outlook and instil passion.


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